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Colin Macdonald

FOLKAL POINT – musical alternatives sans frontieres from folk to rock with myriad cute other stuff slipped in along the way – offers innovative artistry to discerning listeners around the world. This innovative radio programme’s stripped-down format, quixotic, informed, an unbiased spotlight on originality and creativity, steadfastly spurns here-today-gone-tomorrow fads, and just as resolutely ignores trivia. More than four decades since first airing on nascent Radio Clyde, this well-regarded, now widely syndicated two-hour weekly programme is still curated and presented globally by its self-effacing Scottish creator *. Always thoughtful, often quirky, sometimes provocative, enigmatic even, yet always fiercely resistant to barriers and contrived labels, Folkal Point remains laid back, arguably a tad eccentric but above all still a joyously maverick celebration for all on this fragile blue planet who value the glorious confluence of meaningful words and music in their lives.

* Colin MacDonald’s media career, at home in Scotland, London and abroad (from both ends of the Mediterranean to the South Atlantic), has also embraced extensive journalism plus TV and film work – both on and off camera. Now, some seven decades along the road least travelled, he’s “most at ease with a microphone and plenty of great music to share”.

Tried-and-tested since 1974, the Folkal Point format – still essentially folk to rock –  is quixotic, informed,  unbiased and treats music, musicians and listeners seriously.  Veteran Scots producer-presenter Colin MacDonald brings a lifetime’s media experience at home and abroad to bear.”It’s not what I say but what I play that matters,  so you should really listen carefully to the words”, he urges.

Now in its 44th year, FOLKAL POINT is broadcast simultaneously (Thursdays, 10.00pm – midnight) on 105.2 FM in the Uists and Benbecula via An Reidio (Sunday repeat, 10.00pm), across the Cowal Peninsula via Dunoon Community Radio – 97.4 FM and online, and Two Lochs Radio (Wester Ross) on 106 FM, 106.6 FM and online.

Folkal Point then timeshifts on Crystal FM 107.4 from Penicuik, serving south west Midlothian (Thursdays,11.00pm – 1.00am) plus a 10.00am – midday Friday repeat, with a Friday midnight slot on DAB digital and online broadcaster Radio Telstar throughout Glasgow and surrounding areas, plus Saturdays (10.00pm – midnight) with HBS in Glasgow and Paisley. DCR offers a Sunday evening repeat from 8.00pm – 10.00pm. The programme is also re-transmitted (globally!) online three times a week on its Essential Channel by Blues and Roots Radio from Canada.

Folkal Point is crafted by Colin MacDonald in Scotland at the Wellington Street studios of HBS in Glasgow.

www.folkalpoint.scot  sponsored by folk singer ‘Robin Campbell – Music‘ for playlists, questions, comments and ‘likes’.


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14 hours ago

''''folkal point''''

GLASGOW AMERICANA launches with an all-Scots line-up on October 3 at Hyndland's Cottier Theatre, showcasing singer-songwriter Yola Carter and Perth's Red Pine Timber Company in the opening concert.
Texan country queen Kimmie Rhodes, with Scotland's Yvonne Lyon sharing the bill, returns to Glasgow to headline the festival's final evening concert just four days later at St Andrew's In The Square, Saltmarket (note change of venue!)
Between times there's Australian singer-songwriter, musician and composer Emily Barker appearing at Òran Mór on October 4.
The Glad Café at Shawlands Cross hosts American songwriter Anthony D’Amato on October 5, while The Hellfire Club - whose members are from various 1990s Glasgow seminal indie groups - presents its take on Americana at The Hug and Pint, Great Western Road,
October 6 sees Glasgow singer-songwriter Martha L. Healy, happily returned from her self-imposed three-month songwriting sabbatical in Tennessee, to launch the recorded-in-Nashville album, Keep The Flame Alight, with a full-band matinee show at The Glad Café.
That evening, Be Kind, latest album from The Starry Skies and featuring the voice and songs of Glasgow-based singer/songwriter, Warren McIntyre, will be unveiled at Òran Mór. While south of the river, songwriter Bennett Wilson Poole plays the Glad Café.
There are three Sunday shows, kicking off with the festival’s annual concert in association with The Hazy Recollections. This year’s line-up at The Admiral includes North Carolina troubadour, Woody Pines, plus class Scots acts Yvonne Lyon, Al Shields, Adriana Spina and Noah and The West River Band.
Tennessee-based singer/songwriter, Nathan Bell nails the Sunday matinee slot in The Saltmarket at St Andrew's In The Square, on October 7 to air material from his two new albums. Guest is Lynnie Carson.
Saving best for last, some might say, sees revered Austin-based singer-songwriter, the hugely-accomplished Kimmie Rhodes*, back on stage in Glasgow - at St Andrew's In The Square - with Yvonne Lyon sharing the October 7 evening bill of the final concert.
*This action shot is used by kind permission of German freelance photographer Sarah Koska who is based in Munster. Check out her website at www.sarahkoska.com while www.glasgowamericana.com will answer all your other questions about this year's festival.

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FOLKAL POINT - 348 - SEPTEMBER 20/2018 (*American artistes)
Folkal Point is produced and presented exclusively by Colin MacDonald in Scotland from the studios of HBS in Glasgow.
www.folkalpoint.scot is sponsored by Robin Campbell - Music

LONELY HOUR - Wild Blue Yonder*
CECIL HOUSE - Lynne Hanson (Canada) with The Good Intentions
I DON'T WANNA DISAPPEAR - Malcolm Holcombe* with Iris Dement*
HOW COULD I FORGET - Chastity Brown*, appearing live on September 22 at String Jam Club, Selkirk, and Nice'n'Sleazy, Glasgow, for Sounds In The Suburbs on September 23
HOOKER'S SONG - Mark Harrison (Albion)
THE LOVING KIND - Nanci Griffith (Canada)
BETTER DAYS - Ben Kunder (Canada), appearing live with Carleigh Aikins (Canada) on October 24 at The Doublet, Park Road, Glasgow for Sounds In The Suburbs
GONE OVER - Little Pink* featuring (lead vocals) Mary Battiata
STOLEN AGAIN - Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes (Australia)
MY TOWN - Kat Danser (Canada)
WEIGHT OF DESIRE - John Coletta (Scotia)
MY DARK ANGEL - Gretchen Peters* & Rodney Crowell*
MAKE A FOOL OUT OF ME - Alice Howe (Albion), appearing live on September 27 at the Acoustic Music Club, Kirkcaldy, the Performing Arts Centre, Kilbarchan (Sept 28), the Town House, Irvine (Sept 30) and Edinburgh's Traverse Theatre on October 1
ANYWAY - Dan Webster (Albion)
HUCKLEBERRY - instrumental - Eric Congdon*
UNSUNG SONG - Gar Francis*
EASY AND FREE (JOCK STEWART) - Amy Henderson (Scotia)
ROCK ME - Brooks Williams*/Albion and Hans Theessink (Netherlands)
THING I WISH YOU SAID - Indifferent Matters* featuring (lead vocals) Liv Taylor
DIAS MEJORES (Better Days) - Stormy Mondays (Asturies)
I'LL BE A LIAR - Dayna Kurtz*
WHEN THE WIND BLOWS - Philip Marino*/Albion
LIFE IS WHAT HAPPENS - Ron Sayer & Charlotte Joyce (Albion)
OVER THE FIELDS (For John) - Blue Rose Code (Scotia), aka Ross Wilson
THE MOMENT'S GONE - Osborne Jones (Albion)
CHANGING OF THE GUARD - Jo Harman (Albion)
WASTING MY LOVE - Tupelo (Eire)
LAND O' THE LEAL - Hannah Rarity (Scotia), appearing live on September 26 at the Byre Theatre, St Andrews, the Blue Lamp for Aberdeen folk club (October 3) and Falkirk folk club on October 4
AFTER THE RAIN - Luke Winslow-King*
LA RACHOUDINE SET: Thadelo's Slide/La Rachoudine/Gillie Dubh - instrumental - Mairearad Green and Anna Massie (Scotia)

FOLKAL POINT is broadcast simultaneously (Thursdays, 10pm - midnight) on 105.2 FM (the Uists and Benbecula) via An Reidio (Sunday repeat, 10pm), across the Cowal Peninsula via Dunoon Community Radio - 97.4 FM and online*, and Two Lochs Radio (Wester Ross) on 106 and 106.6 FM and online.
Folkal Point then timeshifts on Crystal FM 107.4 from Penicuik, serving south-west Midlothian (Thursdays,11 pm -1 am) plus a 10am - midday Friday repeat, with a Friday 11pm slot on DAB digital and online broadcaster Radio Telstar throughout Glasgow and surrounding areas, plus Saturdays (10pm-midnight) with HBS in Glasgow and Paisley.
The programme is also re-transmitted (globally!) online three times a week on its Essential Channel by Blues and Roots Radio from Canada.
*DCR offers a repeat between 10pm and midnight on Sundays.

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HERE'S a brief heads-up about next
month's five-day Glasgow Americana
festival which offers ten gigs at six city
venues from October 3-7 with visiting
and home-based artistes.
Plan it all out carefully, check your finances
can stand it, then take a deep breath:
two gigs on the Friday, three on both
Saturday and Sunday, including a trio of
matinee performances, plus two
album launches!
Find out all you need to know at

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Scotland's Yvonne Lyon - pictured below - is
going to be prominent among the home-based
artistes who will be featured during this autumn's
Glasgow Americana festival in early October.
Keep a close ear on Folkal Point plus a watchful
eye here and on folkalpoint.scot for more and
fuller details of the who else, where and when.

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