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Colin Macdonald

FOLKAL POINT – musical alternatives sans frontieres from folk to rock with myriad cute other stuff slipped in along the way – offers innovative artistry to discerning listeners around the world. This innovative radio programme’s stripped-down format, quixotic, informed, an unbiased spotlight on originality and creativity, steadfastly spurns here-today-gone-tomorrow fads, and just as resolutely ignores trivia. More than four decades since first airing on nascent Radio Clyde, this well-regarded, now widely syndicated two-hour weekly programme is still curated and presented globally by its self-effacing Scottish creator *. Always thoughtful, often quirky, sometimes provocative, enigmatic even, yet always fiercely resistant to barriers and contrived labels, Folkal Point remains laid back, arguably a tad eccentric but above all still a joyously maverick celebration for all on this fragile blue planet who value the glorious confluence of meaningful words and music in their lives.

* Colin MacDonald’s media career, at home in Scotland, London and abroad (from both ends of the Mediterranean to the South Atlantic), has also embraced extensive journalism plus TV and film work – both on and off camera. Now, some seven decades along the road least travelled, he’s “most at ease with a microphone and plenty of great music to share”.

Tried-and-tested since 1974, the Folkal Point format – still essentially folk to rock –  is quixotic, informed,  unbiased and treats music, musicians and listeners seriously.  Veteran Scots producer-presenter Colin MacDonald brings a lifetime’s media experience at home and abroad to bear.”It’s not what I say but what I play that matters,  so you should really listen carefully to the words”, he urges.

FOLKAL POINT is broadcast simultaneously (Thursdays, 10.00pm – midnight) on 105.2 FM in the Uists and Benbecula via An Reidio, across the Cowal Peninsula via Dunoon Community Radio – 97.4 FM and online, and Two Lochs Radio (Wester Ross) on 106 FM, 106.6 FM and online.

Folkal Point then timeshifts on Crystal FM 107.4 from Penicuik, serving south west Midlothian (Thursdays,11.00pm -1.00am) plus a 10.00am – midday Friday repeat, with a Friday midnight slot on DAB digital and online broadcaster Radio Telstar throughout Glasgow and surrounding areas, plus Saturdays (10.00pm-midnight) with HBS in Glasgow and Paisley. DCR offers a Sunday evening repeat from 8-10pm. The programme is also re-transmitted (globally!) online three times a week by Blues and Roots Radio from Canada.

Folkal Point is curated by Colin MacDonald in Scotland and realised at the Glasgow studios of HBS.

www.folkalpoint.scot  sponsored by folk singer ‘Robin Campbell – Music‘ for playlists, questions, comments and ‘likes’.


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FOLKAL POINT - 296 - SEPTEMBER 21/2017 (*American artistes)
www.folkalpoint.scot (sponsored by Robin Campbell & folk)


IF I WAS - Craig Cassler*
LET THE RAIN FALL - Ciara Sidine (Eire)
FOOL FOR LOVE - Lachlan Bryan (Australia) & The Wildes
LITTLE RED BOX - Sally Barker (Albion) & Vicki Genfan*
CRAZY MAN - Richard Lynch*
MOVE A MILE - Amelia Curran (Canada)
BLEW IT ALL AWAY - Levi Cuss (Canada), appearing live at Nova Scotia folk club, Fort Theatre, Bishopbriggs (Glasgow) on October 4
IF YOU HADN'T GONE AWAY - April Verch trio (Canada)
LONG WAY FROM HOME - Peter Bruntnell trio (Albion), appearing live on November 13 at The Doublet, Park Road, Glasgow
THE YEW TREE - Corinne West*
ALPHA - Mànran (Scotia)
GHOST GIRL - The Poozies (Scotia/Albion)
GALILEE - instrumental - Slocan Ramblers (Canada)
STARGAZER - Shelagh McDonald (Scotia)
ECHOES - Leo Koster (Netherlands)
CHASING WHAT'S ALREADY GONE - Mary Chapin Carpenter*
ALMOST - instrumental - Patrick Sylvest*
ALREADY GONE - Slaid Cleaves*, appearing live on October 6 at St Andrew's In The Square, Glasgow
BEGONE DULL CARE/ MAIDEN LANE - The Emily Askew Band (Albion)
IF (WHEN YOU GO) - Judie Tzuke (Albion), appearing live on October 1 at Òran Mór, Glasgow
BEFORE I FORGET - Luke Woods/Bandini (Albion)
UNEVEN GROUND - Lynne Hanson (Canada)
A KIND OF KINDNESS - Pete McClelland (Albion)
HEY - Noa May (ישראל)
LULLABY - Betty Soo*
ONE DAY AT A TIME - Blue Rose Code, aka Ross Wilson (Scotia), appearing live on September 21 at St Luke's, Glasgow
MOMENTUM - instrumental - Whalebone (Albion)

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FOLKAL POINT - 295 - SEPTEMBER 14/2017 (*American artistes)
www.folkalpoint.scot (sponsored by Robin Campbell & folk)

EVERY DAY I WRITE THE BOOK - Elvis Costello (Ulstèr/*) & Ron Sexsmith (Canada)
LET THE WIND BLOW - Amelia White*
MATERIAL FOR THE BLUES - Bob Bradshaw (Ulstèr/*)
BLUES GO WALKING - Maria Muldaur*
LAMENT TO THE MOON - The Furrow Collective (Scotia/Albion)
BLUE - Noa May (ישראל)
HAND GRENADE - Philip Marino (*/Albion)
I'LL STILL WAIT - Janet Martin*
CALL ME LONG GONE - The Slocan Ramblers (Canada)
MISS HANDY HANKS (Hot Chit'lins) - Nina Ricci*
THE GLOAMING GREY - Jake Walton (Albion)
PARTY GIRL - Jim Wurster*
ASHES & ROSES - Mary Chapin Carpenter*
JIGS: Sgiandubh/ Mrs Grant's Of Bught/The Deserts Of Tulloch - instrumental - Mairearad Green & Mike Vass (Scotia)
KATIE DEAR - The Georgia Shackleton Trio (Albion)
THERE WAS A TIME - Mandolin Orange*
BRAINS REMAIN - Edan Laniado*
UNDERDOG - Hafdis Huld (Island)
TINY SEED - Rasmus (Marcus?) Blomqvist (Konungariket Sverige)
BLUE - Ashland (Albion)
PERFECT STRANGERS - Tim Renwick & Noosha Fox (Albion)
I WALKED AWAY- Joseph Eid*
A LIFE THAT'S GOOD - Emily Smith (Scotia), appearing live, with Jamie McClennan (New Zealand) on September 15 at Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock, the Star Folk Club, The Admiral, Glasgow, (September 19), Eden Court, Theatre, Inverness (Sep 22) & The Tolbooth, Stirling on September 23
FOR A SPANISH GUITAR - Leo Koster (Netherlands)
ANGEL OF THE NORTH - Coca Tenorio (República del Ecuador/Scotia)
HOT COUNTRY 84.5 - instrumental - Jerry Douglas Band*

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(*American artistes)
www.folkalpoint.scot (sponsored by Robin Campbell & folk)

TRAVELLING COMPANION - Lachlan Bryan (Australia) & The Wildes
CAROUSEL WALTZ - Kara (Россия/Albion)
12 GATES - Bruce Cockburn (Canada/*) featuring the San Francisco Lighthouse Chorus*
SOUVENIRS - Miss Kristin (Pedderson)*
FIND MY WAY - Craig Cassler*
SMOKE & MIRRORS - Janet Martin*
BIG DEAD BOB - Bob Leslie (Scotia)
STORIES OF OUR OWN - Polly & The Billets Doux (Albion)
I CAN'T LET GO NOW - Rosie Carson* & Kevin Dempsey (Albion)
THE LOWLANDS OF HOLLAND - The Corrries (Scotia)
GONE BAMBOO - Coconut Radio*
FINEST FLOWER - Ciara Sidine (Eire)
WASH YOU OUT - Out Of The Box (Deutschland)
LAKE OF SHADOWS - instrumental - Moving Hearts (Eire)
THE BELLS RING - Pete Kennedy*
YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T LOSE - Shelagh McDonald (Scotia)
WALKING ON THE WAVES - Skipinnish (Scotia)
DRIFTER'S WIND - Tish Hinojosa*
EXISTENTIAL BEAST - Miranda Lee Richards*
THE WILLOW TREE - Pete McClelland (Albion)
THOSE MEMORIES - The Krickets*
FOOLED BY YOU - Homesick Mick (Albion)
I CAN 'T LET YOU GO - Ashley Riley*
LAST CALL FOR ALCOHOL - Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen*
BITTER MOON - Susan Cattaneo*
TEA IN MY TEACUP - Cormac O'Caoimh (Eire)
YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BY NOW - Heylel (República Portuguesa)
THE MAR GATHERING - instrumental - Paul Alexander (Scotia)

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A World War Two fighter plane which once saw combat but crashed into a Scottish loch during a solo training sortie 76 years ago logged just 21 hours, 25 minutes' flying time in its brief life.
Now what's affectionately become known as the Loch Doon Spitfire – otherwise P754O, a Mark IIa Supermarine built in October 1940 at Castle Bromwich - has finally been restored to public view.
But as lately-unveiled prize exhibit of Dumfries And Galloway Aviation Museum, this iconic, if short-lived, aircraft, exclusively showcased in its custom-built Romney hanger at the former Tinwald Downs airfield, belies decades of dedicated volunteer time and effort lavished on achieving its amazing resurgence.
Weeked searching by Scottish aero fans began, with Ministry of Defence co-operation, some 40 years ago in the fledgling years of the low-profile, self-financed museum itself.
(Back then the first aircraft to be completely rebuilt by this determined band of enthusiasts was a 24-year-old ex-RAF Vampire T-11 which had previously been gifted to Stranraer Academy),
But the lure of P754O - then barely a year old - was compelling. It was lost out of RAF Ayr (Heathfield) on Oct 25, 1941, along with 26-year-old flying officer František Hekl of 312 (Czech) Squadron - making only his second flight in a Spitfire.
It took museum volunteers led by Bruce Roberson some five years of spare-time searching until, with the help of Dumfries sub aqua group, wreckage was raised and shipped to Tinwald Downs.
Sadly for flight fantasists, but as genial, long-time curator David Reid, an engineer by profession, has always stressed, the museum's intention was never for the rebuilt airframe to be taxiable.
''Its wings - such as were recovered - were ripped off and shredded in the impact, and the new-build 31-foot wings (detachable replicas constructed by a specialist company) are unable to take the stresses of a running engine''.
However, that doesn't rule out the possibility - according to another museum stalwart, Helen Wall - that P754O's salvaged Rolls-Royce Merlin X11 engine, might not some day be retrofitted to the airframe which already incorporates much of the original structure, plus a glassfibre nose.
The recent unveiling of the gleaming 30-foot+ long aircraft saw a legend reborn - thanks to the enduring commitment of countless volunteers - after three quarters of a century languishing in obscurity.
A new generation of enthusiasts (thousands of them, and media types as well!) flocked to the museum to marvel at what sheer dedication and dogged determination can achieve.
And unashamed tears were shed.
Coincidentally, barely 20 miles north of the museum's substantial, aircraft-covered grounds, in the front garden of a doctor in the town of Moffat (already widely-famed for the Blacklock family's morish and unique vinegar-flavoured toffee!) there's a full-size replica Spitfire.
Moffat also claims as one of its sons a man known to his chums as Stuffy who was born there in April 1882. He grew up to become Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding, Commander-in-Chief of RAF Fighter Command, during the Battle of Britain.
But that's another story...

BRITONS first saw designer R J Mitchell's Spitfire at the Royal Air Force Hendon air display in June 1936. The first production version - flown by Jeffrey Quill - was in service by 1938 and cost about £9,500.
Most expensive components were the hand-fabricated and finished fuselage (approximately £2,500), the Merlin engine added £2,000 to the bill, followed by wings (£1,800 a pair), guns and undercarriage - both £800 each - and the wooden propeller at £350.
When production ended at Castle Bromwich in June 1945, a total of 12,129 Spitfires had been built. The largest Spitfire factory in the UK, producing a maximum of 320 aircraft per month, it built more than half of the approximately 20,000 aircraft of this type.
Completed but prefabricated Spitfires were delivered to airfields on large Commer Queen Mary low-loader articulated trucks, there to be fully assembled and tested, before going into active service.

Spitfire photograph by Declan Reilly

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FOLKAL POINT - 293 - AUGUST 31/2017 (*American artistes)
www.folkalpoint.scot (sponsored by Robin Campbell & folk)

MUST BE A REASON - Pokey LaFarge*
SEPTEMBER WHEN IT COMES - Rosanne & Johnny Cash*
REGRETS & LIES - When Rivers Meet (Albion)
AUGUST LEAVES - Carol Laula (Scotia)
DANCE THE NIGHT WITH ME - Alex Lopez Xpress*
VISA FRÅN UTANMYRA - instrumental - Jon Magnusson (Konungariket Sverige)
ALL I WANT IS YOU - Morton Remar (Kongeriget Danmark
TUMBLEWEED - Lesley Kernochan*
CAROLINE - Peter Bruntnell (Albion)
LONG RUNS THE FOX - The 19th Street Band (Ulstèr/*)
BETTER LEARN - Nachtshade (Netherlands)
O FADOLELE - Fado Lelé (República Portuguesa)
PERFECT WORLD - Kentucky Headhunters*
TONIGHT YOU BELONG TO ME - ShAnnie*, appearing live at Leith folk club (Victoria Park House Hotel, Ferry Road, Edinburgh) on September 5
CARRY ME HOME - Rob Jungklas*
ESTRELLA FUGAZ - Coca Tenorio (República del Ecuador/Scotia)
SILENCE & SOUND - instrumental - Cormac O'Caoimh (Eire)
SILENCE & SOUND - Cormac O'Caoimh (Eire)
GHOSTS - Heylel (República Portuguesa
THREE NIGHTS & A SUNDAY- Auld Hat New Heids (Scotia)
SONG OF YOU - The Plume Moth Orchestra (Canada) featuring Melanie Peterson
GRACE - The Corridors (ישראל)
THIS OLD HEART- Lauren Barth*
I'D SAY I'M SORRY - T E Yates*
ON THE OUTSIDE OF HEAVEN - Miranda Lee Richards*
SHADOWS ON THE CLYDE - Jim Byrne (Scotia)
THE DIARY - Joseph Eid*
JOHNSON 'S OLD GREY MARE - J E Mainer & The Mountaineers*
VULTURES & WEASLES (sic) - Junk Parlour*
VACATION - Bodinrocker (Konungariket Sverige)
HOME TOWN ON THE BORDER - The Four Of Us (Ulstèr)
BLUES FOR ANNE - instrumental - Kai Strauss (Deutschland)

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